Turn-key buried utility construction projects

Formerly GP Utilities Inc., Neuterra Ventures Ltd. grew from decades of experience in civil earthworks, pipeline and facility construction, and installation and replacement of buried utilities in Western Canada. Neuterra believes success goes beyond achieving social license to conduct it’s business. Neuterra builds strong working relationships with local communities, indigenous partners and clients to ensure each project is successful in Safety Performance, Environmental Protection, Professional Engagement, Quality Assurance and Efficient Execution.

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal Drilling technologies have dramatically changed and Neuterra is on the leading edge of that trend, working on projects with pipe ranging in size up to 30in. With a fleet of small to mid-size horizontal drilling equipment, Neuterra has the ability to service various project scopes.


Gas, Telecommunication, Water & Sewer line construction and installation in urban and rural communities. Neuterra works directly for transmission and distribution companies in the expansion and replacement of utility infrastructure.


Neuterra works with companies and government agencies to ensure environmental compliance and full restoration on abandoned well sites, oil & gas right-of-ways, decommissioned sites and roads. Understanding that the stewardship of our resources will mean longevity in industry and opportunities.

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Fiber Optic

Installation of conduit, fiber jetting cable, splicing and testing for main data transmission lines. Construction by plowing, excavation, aerial and horizontal drilling.


Construction and reclamation of work sites, industrial building sites and roads.


Mainline trenching and excavation for projects in combination with several other disciplines allows Neuterra to service our clients varying project needs.

Utility Plowing

Below ground utility plowing allows for the efficient installation of conduit for data and electrical services or poly gas lines in new development or line replacement work

Poly Line Fusing

Poly Line Fusing is a critical component of line installation activities in all kinds of weather and conditions.

Gas Lines

Installation, testing and commission of natural gas lines and services in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Water Lines

Installation, testing and commissioning of water lines for new and existing services.

Sewer Lines

Installation of sewer lines for municipal expansion and upgrades with a combination of horizontal drilling and excavation

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